Terms and Conditions



“Little Rugbees” – The company that you are agreeing a contract with.

“Parent/Carer” – The person who has full responsibility of the Participant whilst attending sessions.

“Session(s)” – A class as described on the booking form.

“Term” – Agreed dates on the booking form and on the website.

“Premises” – The location that the sessions take place.

“Fee” – The amount charged to attend.

“Website” – www.littlerugbees.com

“Terms and Conditions” – The terms and conditions in this document and all conditions agreed between the Parent/Carer and Little Rugbees.


  1. Parent/Carer Responsibilities

     1.1 A Participant and/or Parent/Carer will not attend a Little Rugbees session if they have or have symptoms of any contagious illness or               disease.

     1.2 The Parent/Carer must ensure that Little Rugbees are aware of any medical conditions or allergies relating to themselves or the                      Participant. This must be done via email to info@littlerugbees.com.

     1.3 The Parent/Carer must ensure  their details are updated immediately and changes to information that differs from the booking forms              must be made in writing to Little Rugbees.

    1.4 The Parent/Carer must remain on site for the entire session and will not be permitted to leave the Participant at any given time.

    1.5 The Parent/Carer is wholly responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the participant which includes behavior.

    1.6 The Participant is under the direction of the Parent/Carer from entering the premises, the duration of the session, until they have left                the premises.

    1.7 The Parent/Carer will notify Little Rugbees at the earliest opportunity if they will not be attending a session. This should be done via                email to info@littlerugbees.com.

    1.8 The Parent/Carer will be responsible for costs/expenses which may arise due to an action of the Participant or Parent/Carer. This                      includes loss of profit and expenses.

    1.9 Parents/Carers must not take photographs or videos whilst attending a Little Rugbees session. If Little Rugbees organise photographs             of the session, parents will be informed and will be asked for their consent prior to the session.

 2. Fees

    2.1 Session fees are non refundable in any case unless prior agreement has been made with Little Rugbees.

    2.2 Fees will only be refunded if the Parent/Carer decides after the first session that they do not wish to continue. In this case, the                       Parent/Carer must notify Little Rugbees via email within 24 hours of the first session in order to withdraw their place and be issued a               refund minus membership fee within 30 days of cancellation.

    2.3 Payments for parties and holidays clubs are separate to those made for termly sessions and will be made separately.

3. Attendance

     3.1 Participants must arrive 5 minutes before the session starts and leave promptly after the session finishes in order to allow the next                   group to begin.

     3.2 Parking facilities are only for the purpose of attending a Little Rugbees session and cars must be moved following your session.

     3.3 If you are unable to attend a session, Little Rugbees will not offer a refund but you will be able to use our ‘Send a Friend’ alternative.              This enables the Parent/Carer to send another child in place of their own as long as they are of the same age. Little Rugbees must be              made aware if another child will be attending instead and this must be accepted by Little Rugbees prior to the session.


4. Behaviour

     4.1 In the event that Little Rugbees deems a Participant or Parent/Carers behaviour as unacceptable, Little Rugbees with be within their                rights to ask them to leave the session and return when seen appropriate. The behaviour that is seen as unacceptable is determined by            Little Rugbees staff.



5. Confidentiality

     5.1 The Parent/Carer will not have any links to any business similar to Little Rugbees. No information gathered from Little Rugbees will be             passed to a third party or used for personal gain.

     5.2 Any material created by Little Rugbees will not be copied or replicated.

     5.3 The Parent/Carer agrees not to share any information relating to the running of Little Rugbees and will not manage or assist any                       business competing with Little Rugbees for a period of two years after their child has left Little Rugbees.

     5.4 By agreeing to the terms and conditions, Little RugBees will have permission to send email correspondence to the email address                       provided unless the parent/carer chooses to opt out. Opting out must be done via email and sent to info@littlerugbees.com.


6. Acceptance

    6.1 All those who attend a Little Rugbees session must agree to the terms and conditions so please take the time to read them.

    6.2 No changes to the terms and conditions will stand unless agreed between the Parent/Carer and Little Rugbees.

7. Cancellation

    7.1 We believe that you child will love attending our Little Rugbees sessions but should you for any reason not want to continue with your             sessions after the first, we will offer a full refund minus the booking fee, within 30 days. The request to not continue with the sessions             must be made within 24 hours of attending the session. If the request is made outside of the 24 hour window, a refund will not be                 given.

    7.2 No refund will be given for missed sessions.

    7.3 Little Rugbess are within their rights to cancel this contract before the start of a term for any reason. Little Rugbees will not be                       responsible for any losses as a result.

    7.4 If Little Rugbees need to cancel a session, we will give the Parent/Carer as much notice as possible and offer a credit which can be                 used towards the next payment.

    7.5 Payments for the term are for consecutive weeks only.