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Our core value at Little RugBees is FUN. This is at the forefront of all of our classes. We believe that at a young age, learning should be a fun and engaging process.


All classes aim to increase self-confidence and encourage children to see their individual potential. We use lots of praise to make sure every child leaves our sessions feeling confident.


Every class at Little RugBees has been designed to incorporate key skills into fun and engaging activities. Due to the variation in sessions, children are keen to return!


Little RugBees focuses on the development of co-ordination, teamwork, listening and cognitive skills to use not only in our sessions but through school and home life alike. 

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Welcome to Little RugBees​!

Little RugBees is based in Worthing, West Sussex and has been created by two parents that realise the importance of introducing sport at a young age. David has been involved in Rugby since childhood and has developed his coaching since having children. He began refereeing for Sussex Society of Referees and has a unique, fun and positive approach to teaching. All Little RugBees coaches are rugby enthusiasts but more importantly are dedicated to ensuring that all children that participate in our courses have fun and continually build their self confidence. Children who attend our sessions learn many skills that are transferable to everyday life. 

Our Classes

Our classes are split into three age groups which are designed to unlock the potential of each child. Our youngest Bees are encouraged to use their counting skills throughout the sessions and there is a focus on using colours within instructions. As they move up through our classes, the children are encouraged to use the skills they have learnt and put them into practice with more focus on the rules of the game. We focus on skills such as finding space, thinking ahead and of course preparing for a touch down! We develop listening skills and emphasise the importance of teamwork whilst also promoting self confidence. All of our classes are structured to suit the age group and we always ensure that we make keeping active fun! 

We believe it is so important to get our children active and enjoying sport from an early age and create a positive, encouraging and safe atmosphere to develop their skills.


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Mini Bees - 18 months - 3 years

Mini Bees is the perfect introduction to rugby. Classes are all about having fun and incorporating colours and counting to create a foundation of key rugby principles. Classes are designed to encourage participation to set the way for teamwork. We work on basic skills including co ordinaton, balance and listening to instructions. These skills are not only necessary for rugby but are transferable to home life too!  We promote self confidence and make sure the Minis have lots of fun!

Training Tips
Corporate Training
One on One
Junior Bees - 3 years - 5 years

Junior Bees - 3 years - 5 years

Junior Bees - 3 years - 5 years

The next stage of our sessions are the Junior Bees. In these classes, the children are encouraged to further develop their co ordination. Sessions are loaded with activities that introduce rugby skills in an enjoyable and supportive way. In these sessions, the children will learn how to pass the ball, think about their positioning and scoring a try! We also incorporate the development of balance, co ordination and the importance of working as a team. Children will be encouraged to be more independent in their activities.

Big Bees - 5 - 7 years

The last stage of Little RugBees prepares the children for transition to club rugby if they should wish to continue beyond our sessions. We begin to use rugby tags to give a better understanding of the game and put more focus into explaining the rules. We develop decision making skills and promote the importance of practice. We now start to play mini matches and parents are encouraged to sit on the sidelines during Big Bees sessions.

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